Show offers home improvement ideas

Posted at 3:51 PM, Jan 06, 2013
and last updated 2013-01-07 00:45:17-05

SANDY, Utah - Home improvement lists for many Utahns grew this weekend as they got some new ideas at the Salt Lake Home Show at the South Towne Expo Center.

Ideas for home improvement projects big and small were on display at the show, which lasted from Friday to Sunday.

"It's a nice place to come and see what we can do to our homes," said Dan Caylor.

This year, kitchens and bathrooms took center stage, but there were displays set up for all rooms in the home.

"You can go from buying a hot tub to a casket to a giant rockscape. It's amazing, I love it," said Chris Crary, home show cooking demonstrator.

With the surge in popularity of home decorating shows and blogs, many home show fans like Nicole Taylor say it gives them inspiration and motivation to make their "home sweet home" as sweet as it can be.

For Nicole and Stuart Harmon, the home show is a starting point for their soon-to-be new home.

"We're actually closing on a home in the next month or so this is like our dreamland right here to see all the fun new ideas and see what we can do," Nicole said.