UDOT works to clear icy roads after crashes

Posted at 7:05 AM, Jan 24, 2013
and last updated 2013-01-24 20:14:46-05

SALT LAKE CITY -- There were a number of crashes on the roadways around Salt Lake City Thursday morning due to icy conditions.

The Utah Department of Transportation asked those who live or work in downtown Salt Lake City to delay their morning commute by at least one hour, if possible, because of the road conditions.

A spokesman with UDOT said the agency worked overnight to make the roads as safe as possible knowing what was expected in the forecast.

"As far as the salt and solution, when temperatures are this cold, salt becomes a little less effective," said John Gleason, with UDOT. "But sometimes mother nature throws you a curve ball. There's really is only so much you can do."

Road temperatures are expected to be warmer for the evening commute, meaning the roads should be less slick. You can view current road conditions here from UDOT.

According to Cpl. Todd Johnson, Utah Highway Patrol, the crashes were heavily concentrated on the west side of I-215. I-15 through downtown Salt Lake City also had a number of reported incidents.

"There are some reported [injuries] with people being transported to the hospital. But as far as life-threatening injuries, I've not heard of any," Cpl. Johnson said.

The UHP also reported three troopers were hit by cars in separate incidents.

A UDOT crew works to sand roads in Sardine Canyon near Wellsville, Utah Thursday.

A UDOT crew works to sand roads in Sardine Canyon near Wellsville, Utah Thursday. Photo: UHP

It will take officials several hours to clear the number of crashes. Cpl. Johnson said there was a backlog, as there were more crashes than troopers. They called out additional resources to assist.

Reducing your speed with be the biggest help when driving on the icy roads, said Cpl. Johnson.

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