Victim of kidnapping speaks about her ordeal

Posted at 10:16 PM, Jan 27, 2013
and last updated 2013-01-28 12:29:04-05

OGDEN, Utah -- An 18-year-old woman stopped her car when a woman ran into the road asking for help, but her act of kindness allegedly led to her kidnapping.

The victim of Thursday’s alleged attack by hitchhiker Crystal Walker spoke about her experience.

Anna (name has been changed) said she wouldn’t normally pick up a hitchhiker, but she said Walker ran out into the road calling for aid, so she stopped to help.  

“I would never pick up a hitchhiker, never,” she said. “As the person walked closer, I noticed it was a female, and I could tell that she was very upset. She was crying and screaming, and I didn’t know if she was hurt, so I rolled down my window and asked if she was OK. At that point she told me that there was an emergency and she needed help.”

Anna said Walker didn’t want to get out of the car at the next gas station, and when Anna said she was dropping Walker off the woman allegedly pulled out a knife and ordered her to drive on.

“I didn’t even have a chance to think about it, it was just there,” she said. “I thought I was doing a good thing, like helping somebody who really needed help. And then suddenly the roles were reversed, like she was in control of me completely.”

Anna said the woman ordered her to drive to another address in Ogden, where a man was waiting for them. Anna asked Walker if she could call her mother and was denied.

“She told me that if I touched my phone she would stab me, and so at that point I threw my phone into the back of the car so she couldn’t take it either. The whole way there the only thing I could think about was  my mom having to find out what happened to me,” Anna said.

After a half an hour passed Anna was ordered to drive to another location and park, and that’s when Walker left.

“She opened the door, and when she got out she said, ‘You’re a [expletive], and I hope you die and go to hell.’ And then she got out of the car. That’s what she said, after all of that, that’s what she said to me.”

Anna said she is still shaken, and she hopes no one has to go through what she did, including her alleged attacker.

“I hope she can get the help she needs, after thinking about what a person went through to get to that point.”

Walker has a criminal history, including charges of disorderly conduct, escape from custody and interference with an arresting officer—all within the past year. She’ll make her first appearance in court on Monday on charges of aggravated kidnapping.