Ogden storms require non-stop snow removal efforts

Posted at 6:26 PM, Jan 29, 2013
and last updated 2013-01-29 20:26:05-05

OGDEN, Utah -- Last week’s freezing rain, combined with the two big storms this week, have taken a toll on Ogden, and snowplow crews have been working around the clock to keep up.

Ogden city officials said all 35 of the town’s snowplows have been able to keep up with clearing connector streets and neighborhoods as a result of the around-the-clock shifts.

Jay Lowder, Ogden public services director, said the storms are putting a strain on those working to remove the snow and ice.

“It really takes it out of the men and women clearing the snow,” Lowder said. “They’re tired. They’ve been working non-stop, and it would be nice to get a break for them.”

Neighborhoods will be plowed for the third time on Tuesday night in preparation for the expected third storm to hit the area. Semi-trucks will also be bringing in more salt on Wednesday morning. The city has seen six inches to one foot of snow every day since late Sunday.

Ogden City had budgeted $70,000 for salt, but now that that’s gone the city will have to shift money from elsewhere because keeping the roads clear is a priority.

Dispatchers in Weber County have said they have been swamped, and with the volume of crashes and incidents they have not yet recorded a specific number of incidents.