UDOT using high-tech anti-icing technology

Posted at 6:12 PM, Jan 30, 2013
and last updated 2013-01-30 22:49:57-05

PROVO, Utah - UDOT is using technology built right into roadways to fight icy conditions in Provo Canyon.

Fixed Automated Spraying Technologies - or FAST - are built into certain spots along the roadway to prevent ice from forming on the road.

"We have two installed in Provo Canyon, one by the SR-92 intersection and then one over by the Deer Creek Dam," said Muriel Xochimitl with UDOT.

Similar to an automated sprinkler system, FAST is always on, monitoring roads and temperature conditions. When conditions get to a certain point, the system sprays out potassium acetate, which is an anti-icing liquid.

The devices were placed in areas where UDOT saw increased amounts of ice in cold weather and more traffic accidents. The first system was installed five years ago and a second was installed last month.

UDOT says the system seems to be working so far; they've seen a reduction in the number of accidents where FAST is installed. Now they're looking at installing the same type of system in other parts of Utah.