Gun show sees record attendance

Posted at 6:31 PM, Feb 02, 2013
and last updated 2013-02-02 20:31:21-05

SANDY, Utah -- People waited in line to buy ammunition for hours and guns were going fast at the Crossroads of the West Gun Show, where attendance reached record levels.

Bob Templeton is the owner of the Crossroads of the West Gun Show, and he said the possibility of changes to gun laws have caused a run on ammunition and certain weapons, even though sticker prices are nearly double those of last year.

“It is very busy on AR-15 Colts, which are the guns they are talking about restricting” he said. “There’s quite a rush on high-capacity magazines, which they are also talking about restricting. And there is really a run on ammo. There’s just no ammo available anyplace in the valley or really anyplace the country.”

Gun owner Wes Knutson said the political climate is pushing people to buy guns and ammunition.

“People are nervous and getting twitchy about buying stuff, they've got to have it now,” he said. “It’s a supply and demand thing.”

Vendors said they expect to see crowds like this until people are certain whether or not the laws will change.