Utah sisters become bodybuilding champions

Posted at 6:52 PM, Feb 02, 2013
and last updated 2013-02-02 20:52:50-05

OREM, Utah -- Two Utah sisters shared a long journey and motivated each other the whole way: They were pregnant together, new mothers together and now they are both national bodybuilding champions.

The sisters, 29-year-old Holly Semanoff and 34-year-old Tiffany Heugly, were pregnant together, and after their babies were born just one month apart the pair decided to get in shape together.

“Having a goal, you are always more motivated—it gives you something to strive for,” Heugly said.

The two sisters made a pact to train for a fitness competition one year away. Their regimen included weight lifting and cardiovascular exercises six days each week, all in preparation for the Iron Man Naturally Bodybuilding Championships in Los Angeles.

A year later on January 19 they competed on the national level in the figure category.

“Competition day is so fun—it’s when all your work comes together and it pays off,” Heugly said.

“The best way and the funniest way that I love to describe it as a beauty pageant with muscles," Semanoff said. "It really is.”

The competition was divided into sub-classes based on height, so the two sisters didn’t have to compete against each other. This turned out well for both of them.

“So I won my class—first place—and then my sister had won first place as well,” Heugly said.

The sisters said they were able to succeed by working together, and they said it’s great to look as good as they feel.

“It’s not getting on stage, flexing your muscles and being, you know, pretty—look at me—it’s about feeling good in your own skin,” Semanoff said.