Moose creates excitement in Sandy neighborhood

Posted at 1:21 PM, Feb 08, 2013
and last updated 2013-02-08 22:25:24-05

SANDY, Utah - Wildlife crews worked to wrangle a moose in a Sandy neighborhood on Friday morning.

Rick Castillo, who lives near 1300 East and Rosa Circle (10025 South), says a bull moose spent Friday morning moving from yard to yard in his Sandy neighborhood.

"[A neighbor] came over and knocked on the door and said, You have a moose in your backyard.'
He said, 'It was ours for a while and now it's in yours,'" Castillo said. 

The animal spent about 20 minutes in the Castillo backyard before jumping a wall to his neighbor's yard.

"[The kids] were excited, they were jumping around. They had never seen one that up close," Castillo said.

Sandy Police officers and officials with the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources showed up to try to move the moose out.

"So they put it to sleep, and it ran around. It was a little erratic for a while. It was pretty interesting," Castillo said.

The moose was eventually tranquilized and removed by Utah Division of Wildlife Resources. But not before he did some damage to a gazebo and an awning in a neighbor's yard, according to Castillo.

Castillo said this is the first time they have seen a moose in their neighborhood, although last year they had a deer and a cougar appear on the same day.