Missing snowmobilers found near Bountiful

Posted at 11:51 AM, Feb 21, 2013
and last updated 2013-02-22 00:40:58-05

BOUNTIFUL, Utah - A pair of snowmobilers who were supposed to return from the mountains east of Bountiful Wednesday night were found safe Thursday afternoon.

With more winter storms on the cusp of the Rocky Mountains, two snowmobilers, 41-year-old Robert Sutton and his 15-year-old son Cole Sutton are happy to be home Thursday night after becoming stranded for more than 24 hours in the hills above Bountiful.

The two phoned relatives late Wednesday night stating that they would not be coming home due to weather conditions and that they would be in touch in the morning.

Sgt. Susan Poulson with the Davis County Sheriff's Office said the snowmobilers are experienced and they were dressed appropriately for the winter conditions. They told family members they would be in the Tuttle Loop Trail area above the large “B” sign on the mountainside.

Robert and Cole Sutton were able to communicate for a short period of time via text messaging until dead batteries hindered communication, which led to rescue members starting a search.

Multiple teams were sent out in search of the snowmobilers including members of the Davis County Search and Rescue Team but ultimately it was a concerned neighbor that found them.

Kevin Sundh, who was familiar with the area, went out in search after speaking with local law enforcement.

“They said that they couldn’t deputize us and send us up on the hill but if we wanted to go snowmobiling on our own that we were more than welcome to go snowmobiling and knowing the area my son and I went up looking.”

The group was greeted by family, friends and medical official upon returning. No injuries were reported.

Robert Sutton said that even after burning a snowmobile to signal crews and stay warm it was long day.

“Father and son bonding, that’s what it was; and it was cold,” he stated.

written by Bryan Uhri.