Hale Centre Theatre to purchase land for new Sandy location

Posted at 3:42 PM, Feb 25, 2013
and last updated 2013-02-25 17:42:16-05

SANDY, Utah — Sandy City accepted a purchase offer from the Hale Centre Theatre to acquire a site to build a new home for their community theater performances.

Sandy City accepted HCT’s offer to buy an 11.5 acre site at 9950 Monroe Street in Sandy, and the terms are waiting approval from HCT’s Board of Trustees and the Sandy City Council, according to a press release from HCT.

The HCT board made the purchase offer in order to: “better accomplish the theatre’s mission of providing affordable world-class family theatre and to meet growing demand,” according to the press release.

HCT has been operating at nearly 100 percent capacity since 2004, and Rob Brough, chairperson of the HCT Board of Trustees, said the move is necessary.

“We’ve been bursting at the seams for several years now, and moving to Sandy will allow Hale Centre Theatre to continue to grow and provide world-class family theatre to the community for years to come,” he said.

The new location will feature three performing spaces with an estimated 1,800 seats between them. The current theater has one performing stage, which houses 613 seats.

The theater hosted more than 255,000 guests during more than 400 performances in 2012, according to the press release.

Sandy Mayor Tom Dolan said the new theater will be a benefit to the city.

“Bringing the nation’s most successful community theatre to Sandy will further complement our city and its unique vision, as well as help Hale Centre Theatre meet their growing demand,” he said. “This site has the necessary visibility, access and expansion opportunities to ensure Hale Centre Theatre will serve our community for generations to come.”