Snow storms push UDOT’s budget to the limit

Posted at 7:48 AM, Feb 25, 2013
and last updated 2013-02-25 15:04:11-05

The cost of snowy winter weather is starting to add up this season, pushing the Utah Department of Transportation's budget to the limit.

This season, some areas of Utah have seen more than a foot of snow from one storm.

Traditionally, they have been able to stay within their annual $23 million budget, but this year they have already used over $17 million.

Although the average cost per storm is $1 million, the severity of the storms Utah have been experiencing this season, have forced UDOT to spending more. For example, the storms over the last week have cost an additional $3 million.

UDOT's budget coves everything from salt on the roads to overtime pay for snowplow drivers.

"We do all we can to put as much product, as much salt out on the road, but also maintain our budget, so we are really strategic in when we are using salt, the time it take s for salt to be active and when we are coming back around and plowing so we really do a lot of effort to spend the money wisely and keep salt usage to a minimum," said John Montoya, UDOT east district engineer.

UDOT said cleaning up after a storm costs at least $1 million per storm. With an average of 20 -25 storms per reason.

UDOT said they plan to remain on budget.