Mayor: Uncertainty for many in Layton if federal spending cut

Posted at 11:40 AM, Mar 01, 2013
and last updated 2013-03-01 14:08:12-05

LAYTON, Utah -- With the potential federal spending cuts, Utah could see a big change for one of its major employers.

Hill Air Force Base employees many civilians, which are at risk if the cuts come to fruition.

Department of Defense civilians could be subject to unpaid furloughs of up to 22 days between April and September. That could result in up to a 20 percent drop in pay for civilians.

"When there is so much uncertainty, it just creates fear," said Layton Mayor Steve Curtis.

Mayor Curtis said employees at Hill Air Force Base bring in an estimated $1 billion a year to the local economy.

"They are holding us hostage. If I was to run a city government like this, I would be out on my ear in a second," Mayor Curtis said. "I think we should hold those leaders also to that same level of commitment, to just get things done and at least so we can know how can we adjust and get on with life."

In January, Hill Air Force Base took several actions to save money, including a temporary hiring freeze and limiting non-mission travel and purchases.

Utah’s public research universities, including the University of Utah and Utah State University, will also see significant impacts. The two stand to lose an estimated $38 million in research money.

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