The ‘Harlem Shake’ sparks FAA investigation

Posted at 6:06 AM, Mar 01, 2013

(via — It’s supposed to be a fun dance video, but now college students from Colorado have sparked an FAA investigation for their “Harlem Shake.”

Above, you can check out the video shot on board a Frontier Airlines flight from Denver to San Diego over President’s Day weekend. The Colorado College Frisbee team is on board, and apparently organized the choreography for the video.

It all starts calmly enough, but as is the case with “Harlem Shake” videos, it ends with mayhem, as almost everyone on the plane starts going nuts.

An aviation expert told a TV station in San Diego this fun display is actually very dangerous.

He said there are issues with balance and weight with all those people jumping around, and said the plane could have gone out of control or lost pressurization. He also says it’s clear the crew lost control of the cabin.

Frontier disputes that statement, saying the seat belt signs were off and all safety measures were followed.