Elementary students get messy in art lesson

Posted at 7:46 PM, Mar 06, 2013

WEST JORDAN, Utah - Students at Fox Hollow Elementary in West Jordan got a chance to become artists thanks to their annual "Paint with the Principal" event.

Principal Kevin Pullan brings students together every year to participate in the group art project.

"I think that we've really seen a decline in art, music, dance and drama and those are the things that make an elementary school come alive. That's the soul of elementary school and so this is just one way of me telling the kids and sharing with the kids that the arts are important," Pullan said.

Pullan is an artist himself, specializing in splash art. He encourages his students to open their minds, get a little messy and create something extraordinary.

"We talk about color and we talk about planning out your piece and what you're going to do, which colors you're going to use and we talk about the preparation that goes into that. I talk to them about letting go and letting how they feel come through in the painting and we talk about knowing when to stop because that's really important," Pullan said.

The goal of the art lesson is to teach kids that in art or in life, anyone can turn a blank canvas into something special.