Authorities looking for owner of pit bull who killed cat

Posted at 8:21 PM, Mar 20, 2013

SOUTH OGDEN, Utah - Authorities in South Ogden are looking for the owner of a pit bull that wandered into a home and killed a cat.

The dog walked into the backyard of a home near 5500 South where he found the cat sitting on the back steps. The pit bull chased the tabby cat through an open sliding glass door into the house.

"My son heard some ruckus upstairs and came and found this pit bull attacking Milo. And there was just blood and fur," said Valerie Alder, the cat owner.

Alder's son pulled the dog off of Milo, but it was clear after the attack that the cat would have to be euthanized.

The Alders say the dog was thin and looked starved.

"I think he was just looking for some fast food. I feel bad for everybody who is involved in this situation. We truly lost a little family member," Valerie Alder said.

The pit bull was taken to South Ogden Animal Service. It didn't have a microchip or tags and police haven't been able to locate the owner.

South Ogden Animal Service is a no-kill shelter. So despite the attack, they will try to get the dog into a nice home. Valerie Alder says the dog wasn't aggressive toward people and believes it would make a good pet if taken care of.