Investigations underway in Willard Bay fuel spill

Posted at 8:50 PM, Mar 20, 2013
and last updated 2013-03-21 00:19:46-04

WILLARD BAY, Utah - State and federal investigations are underway to determine what caused a Chevron fuel like to break near Willard Bay, spilling thousands of gallons of diesel fuel.

Chevron said at a news conference on Wednesday that they are still trying to figure out why the line broke. They did say that the line had been inspected within the last couple years.

Officials don't know how much fuel spilled, but 195 barrels, or more than 8,000 gallons, have been recovered near Willard Bay.

The spill encompasses a 7-acre area, but authorities say no fuel has gotten into the bay, partially thanks to a beaver dam that stopped the spread. Two beavers were recovered from the spill and are now recovering.

The spill is the third incident involving a Chevron pipeline in northern Utah. In 2010, a pipeline broke near Red Butte Creek and Liberty Park, and Chevron paid the state $3.5 million in a settlement.

But Chevron insists that the latest spill is different.

"Those incidents are really not related to this incident. Again, we've got an active investigation on this incident and we need some time to investigate it and understand what caused this particular incident," said Terry Duhon with Chevron.

Those incidents will be a factor in whatever happens next. Federal and state agencies are investigating and say they can levy penalties.

Cleanup of the spill could take at least a week.

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