Tooele County crowns Mr. and Miss Amazing

Posted at 10:28 PM, Mar 23, 2013

TOOELE COUNTY, Utah- Tooele County crowned a Mr. and Miss Amazing for the third year in a row at a pageant designed to give people with special needs a chance to shine.

The pageant featured talent, style and fun and took place at Tooele High School. Rebecca Ford is a special education teacher at Tooele High School, and she said the pageant is a great thing.

“This pageant is truly amazing because it changes so many lives, and it truly makes a difference, and it’s something that these contestants will remember for the rest of their life and probably the audience members will as well,” she said.

Ford said the pageant strives to focus on the positive.

“So what this pageant is about, it’s about focusing on their abilities not their disabilities, and as you can tell these contestants are truly amazing,” she said. “They all have talents and special things that they do themselves that truly is amazing.”

The 15 contestants in this year’s pageant came up with their own talent routines, picked out their best formal wear and answered a question on stage.

Miss Utah, Marissa Powell, was one of the guest judges at the event, and she said picking a winner was difficult.

“I think, I mean, every kid has something so special about them, and I think and that’s what’s fun: to see each person has their own complete personality that comes out here and just shines,” she said.

In the end only one Mr. Amazing and one Miss Amazing could be chosen. Teylor Cornett was named Miss Amazing. Travis Graves was crowned as Mr. Amazing.

Cornett said all of the contestants had a memorable night, even if they didn't win the competition.

“We were having a wonderful time just changing into outfits and being with each other and it’s so fun,” she said.

Ford said each contestant who participated received a crown, sash and ribbon.