11-year-old girl undergoes surgery after pit bull attack

Posted at 2:25 PM, Mar 24, 2013

COTTONWOOD HEIGHTS, Utah — A young girl is undergoing plastic surgery and a dog will be put down after the animal attacked the girl and bit her several times on the face.

Sgt. Gary Young, Cottonwood Heights Police Department, said the 11-year-old victim is from California and was in Utah to visit her grandparents. When the girl opened her uncle’s bedroom door on Saturday morning, his large pit bull attacked her.

Young said doctors are performing plastic surgery on the victim’s face. Police are not releasing the victim’s name, as she is a minor.

Young said the dog will be put down.

“Our animal control responded, picked the pit bull up, and they have the dog in custody. The owner has expressed that he would like the dog put down because of this incident,” he said.