Unsecured waterline floods Pleasant Grove homes

Posted at 11:49 AM, Mar 28, 2013
and last updated 2013-03-28 22:33:56-04

PLEASANT GROVE, Utah - An unsecured waterline sent thousand of gallons of water into the basements of three Pleasant Grove homes Thursday morning.

The canal, known locally as the Murdock canal, was recently buried in a project by the Provo River Water Users Association. Lands manager Steve Cain says crews ran water through the pipeline around 10 in the morning, but there was a weak spot.

"The water came to a point where there was a man-way access that was on, but not tightly secured," says Cain. "The water pressure lifted that lid up and the water came out."

That water flowed downhill, flooding a pedestrian underpass and flooding homes. Stephanie Vincent's home was one of them. She says they've lived in the area for nine years and never expected a problem with the canal.

"When I walked in, I had been prepared that it was bad," says Vincent. "I knew it was a foot and a half of water."

Water filled the oven, drawers and closets. Vincent says thankfully neighbors jumped in to help. They removed furniture and began the long cleanup process.

There's no estimate on damage, but Vincent says she’s keeping a positive attitude through it all.

"I grew up in California in fire country, and my mom always taught me, as long as we are okay, everything else is just stuff," Vincent says.

Meanwhile, Cain says they'll look at why the access hatch was left unsecured. He says crews have examined the in and out of the 10-foot pipeline, but it appears one thing was overlooked.

"This man-way access as well as all the others were inspected and checked," says Cain. "But it wasn't checked for tightness apparently, we think that's what happened."