Man arrested after carrying out robbery with fake knife

Posted at 3:44 PM, Apr 03, 2013

NORTH OGDEN, Utah — Police arrested a man who allegedly robbed a grocery store Tuesday night and attempted to rob a convenience store shortly after, using a large knife in both cases; when police apprehended the man they discovered the  knife was fake.

North Ogden police responded to a call at a Smith’s Food and Drug, 2560 North and 400 East, shortly before midnight, according to a press release from the North Ogden Police Department. They were assisted by officers from several other agencies.

Police said the man, now identified as 38-year-old Bryan David North, had tried to leave the store without paying for his groceries. When store employees confronted North, he produced a large knife and threatened to kill them. He then fled the scene.

As police were investigating this incident, they received a call that someone was attempting to steal items from a nearby 7-Eleven, 416 East and 2600 North. The description of the suspect was similar in both cases.

An officer from a neighboring agency recognized the description and tied it to Bryan North, whom he had dealt with previously. A Smith’s employee was able to positively identify North from a photo provided by officers.

Police went to North’s residence in the 2600 North block of 200 East. On arrival, North was behaving erratically, and he came outside brandishing a large knife at officers, which he was ordered to drop at gunpoint. He dropped the weapon but continued to act in a threatening manner, and police deployed a Taser to subdue North and take him into custody, according to the press release. The knife was discovered to be a fake at this time.

North has been booked into the Weber County Jail on charges of aggravated robbery, retail theft, resisting arrest and possession of drug paraphernalia.