SLC gets new bike share program

Posted at 4:19 PM, Apr 07, 2013

SALT LAKE CITY — Bike shares are one way people are diversifying their commute options, and a new bike share program is starting up in Salt Lake City on Monday.

GREENbike is a non-profit organization that offers commuters a different way to get around town by providing bikes for the public to use. The group partners with Salt Lake City, The Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce and the Salt Lake City Downtown Alliance.

There are several bike stations set up around downtown, and all users have to do is rent a bike, ride to their destination and then return the bike within 30 minutes.

Members are allowed to make unlimited 30 minute bike trips, and usage fees only apply for trips longer than 30 minutes. Non-members may still check out a bike, but they must purchase a 24 hour membership at the kiosk. Click here to learn more about how the program and pricing works.

Ben Bolte, director of GREENbikes, said the program gives commuters alternatives.

He said: “You can take TRAX in. You can drive your car in. We’re not asking you to give up anything forever—just for the short trips when it’s nice outside. You can wear regular clothes because the bikes have a chain guard and a skirt guard. Everything is set up, so you can make this really, really easy.”

The program launches Monday at the Gallivan Center.