Full video and transcript of attempted scam call

Posted at 5:10 PM, Apr 09, 2013
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The full video of the attempted scam can be seen above. The transcript in its entirety is below. For more on this story, click here.

Sal: “Hello?”

Paul: “Yes, hello.”

Sal: “Hello?”

Paul: “Hi, this is Paul David speaking.”

Sal: “Pardon me?”

Paul: “This is attorney Paul David speaking.”

Sal: “Davis? No, this is Giani, you called. You called Giani, my, me. I have my daughter here. She wants to help me on this situation. Will you listen to her?”

Paul: “Yes.”

Francine: “Uh, Hi. Can I help you?”

Paul: “Ah, yes, hi. This is attorney Paul David speaking.”

Francine: “How are you doing Paul?”

Paul: “I’m good. Is this by any chance, is this Nancy?”

Francine: “No, this is Francine.”

Paul:  “Francine, OK.”

Francine: “Yes, yes.”

Paul:  “OK, um are you aware of the situation that happened with Sal last night?”

Francine:  “Uh, no, I wasn’t. My father told me a little bit about it. Can you tell me what happened?”

Paul:  “Um, well, he got himself in sort of a sticky situation.”

Francine:  “Really?”

Paul:  “He got himself pulled over, and they did the breathalyzer test, and he consumed alcohol last night.”

Francine:  “Wow. Where was he?”

Paul:  “He was, uh, he was coming off of, are you familiar with Harvard Ave.?”

Francine:  “Uh, is, where is this, what city is this in?”

Paul:  “This is in Utah, ma’am.”

Francine: “Oh, in Utah. Uh-huh. Harvard Avenue?”

Paul: “Yeah.”

Francine:  “OK. No, I’m not familiar with that area.”

Paul:  “OK, well that’s where he happened to be.”

Francine:  “And where is he right now?”

Paul: “He’s in a holding facility.”

Francine:  “In what jail?”

Paul:  “Over here in the parish of Salt Lake City.”

Francine:  “In the parish of Salt Lake City?”

Paul:  “Yes.”

Francine:  “Because we don’t have parishes in Salt Lake City. Do you have a better location for me?”

Paul:  “Ma’am it’s located over here at 992 East Harvard Avenue, Salt Lake City. It’s a holding facility over here.”

Francine:  “OK, and tell me what we need to do to help him out.”

Paul:  “Well, he contacted uh, whoever he needed to contact in regards to getting out of here to cover his bail for him.”

Francine:  “Uh-huh, and how much is his bail?”

Paul:  “His bail is $1,700.”

Francine:  “OK, and how can I get that to him?”

Paul:  “OK, uh he got an international bail bondsman because he couldn’t get a regular bondsman in time fast enough over here in Utah. “

Francine:  “Uh-huh.”

Paul:  “So to avoid him spending the night in jail we got him an international bail bondsman.”

Francine:  “OK.”

Paul:  “Um, you would have to get the money, and then you would have to go and send it, are you familiar with MoneyGram at the Walmart?”

Francine:  “Yes, I am. I can, I can do that.”

Paul:  “OK, uh, I’ve already given the information, um, was that your husband I spoke to before?”

Francine:  “No, that’s my father, because he called me, and he wants me to help him out. So I’m going to make sure I get it taken care of."

Paul:  “OK, he has the, can you please get the information from him that he wrote down?”

Francine:  “OK, I see a little number here. They indicated $1,800 in cash. Not 17.”

Paul:  “OK. Do you have the information for the international bail bondsman?”

Francine:  “I do. Do you have that information?”

Paul: “Yes, I do. Can you please confirm it with me?”

Francine:  “Can you give it to me, and I will confirm it?”

Paul: “Edwin Padilla.”

Francine:  “OK.”

Paul:  “Santiago, Dominican Republic.”

Francine: “OK, um, and that, that will get to your location?”

Paul: “That is for the international bail bondsman. When you go to the MoneyGram, after you send the money to the international bail bondsman, uh, you’re going to receive a reference number. From MoneyGram.

Francine:  “Right, right.”

Paul: “That is the reference number that I need, so we can give it to the judge to prove to them that his bail was covered with the international bail bondsman, so that we can get Sal released right away.”

Francine:  “Well, what I would like to do, uh Paul, is I would like to actually go down to the jail cell myself and speak with my nephew. Is that OK to do?”

Paul:  “Well, that’s the thing. That’s not going to, that’s not going to help the situation with the bail bondsman.”

Francine:  “Oh, really?”

Paul:  “Either way, it has to be taken care of with the international bail bondsman, so that we can have him released out of here.”

Francine:  “Well, again, what I’d like to do is just go down there directly because I’m in Salt Lake, so I can, I think I can do that myself.”

Paul:  “OK, but I understand, but you cannot come here and pay for it here ma’am.”

Francine:  “OK, well, let me just tell you, Paul, my name is Francine, and I actually work for the state of Utah, and I know that this is a scam, and I don’t want you to call my father anymore. Is that OK?”

Sound of phone hanging up.

Francine:  “And that’s how these end. With a hang-up.”