Third person charged in connection with Moab homicide

Posted at 5:56 PM, Apr 09, 2013
and last updated 2013-04-09 19:56:10-04

MOAB, Utah - A third person has been arrested in connection with a homicide in Grand County.

Corina Yardley, 44, is charged with obstruction of justice for allegedly helping her son and his friend cover up the murder of Gregorio Salazar Campos, 33, who she was dating. Campos' body was found in the Colorado River on Sunday.

Campos' family reported him missing to the Moab Police Dept. on March 29. Grand County Sheriff Steve White said that based on conversations with Brody Blu Kruckenburg and Charles Anthony Nelson, both 16, they were able to locate Campos' body.

According to a probable cause statement, Kruckenburg asked Nelson to come over and kill Campos, who was his mother's boyfriend. At the last minute, though, Kruckenburg backed out and convinced Nelson to do it.

Pointing a gun through the crack of a doorway, the document said, Nelson shot Campos three times in the head as he slept. With the help of Kruckenburg's mother Yardley, authorities said they dumped the body.

"We feel like she may have taken part in this...In the after effect of maybe dealing with the remains," said Grand County Sheriff Steve White.

The statement said the teens used Yardley's truck to move Campos' body, and then tied him to a metal car bumper and dumped him in the river. Yardley's room was wiped clean and her bed replaced, and it wasn't until a tip came in from one of Nelson's friends that police were turned on to the teens.

White said, "Anthony had made some claims about this happening."

According to document, "Nelson had told a friend that he had killed someone. Tony went on to say that the person was an illegal, so no one will miss him."

A search of Yardley's home uncovered that her bed had been replaced, the statement said, and blood was found in a large area of the carpet and wall in the bedroom.

Kruckenburg and Nelson are charged with one count each of first degree felony murder and second degree felony obstruction of justice.

"It's very unusual," said White. "We deal with a few homicides here and there over the years, but especially when you add the two teenage boys are involved, it kind of shocks the community."

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