Utah Republican Party chairman presents changes to caucus system

Posted at 9:04 PM, Apr 13, 2013

SALT LAKE CITY — The procedure used by Utah Republicans to choose their candidates for office may change by the next election; The Utah Republican Party Chairman presented plans for changes on Saturday that he hopes will make the caucus system more inclusive.

Under the current rules, the Republican Party in Utah selects its nominees by electing delegates at a state caucus meeting. Those delegates meet later at a statewide convention, and those delegates then vote to select the party’s candidates for the general election.

Wright discussed the reforms with the Utah Republican Party’s central committee. He said the changes would make it easier for people to be involved in a process some feel is exclusionary.

“We will create a way for people to go on to a website and register for the meeting in advance, see the people that are running to be delegates, and they’ll even be a procedure in place for people to be able to cast a vote if they can’t attend the meeting at that designated time,” Wright said.

Wright said people can expect to see those changes take place in the March caucuses in 2014. A new party chair will be in charge at that time, as Wright has decided against running for reelection. He said he wants to focus more on his family and business.