Missing Provo girl found unharmed

Posted at 9:10 PM, Apr 15, 2013
and last updated 2013-04-16 19:56:45-04

PROVO, Utah --  A Provo girl who disappeared Monday was located by phone Tuesday morning, police said.

Charice Beaumont, 14, was found unharmed in Pleasant Grove after she knocked on the door of a random home and called her mother. She told her parents she rode her bike to Pleasant Grove and spent the night at a church.

Police said they don't believe Charice had access to a television or a cellphone, and probably didn't know that hundreds of volunteers and law enforcement officers were searching for her.

"Yesterday when she left, she got on a bicycle, rode up to Pleasant Grove we believe she spent the night at an LDS church," said Provo City Police Lt. Matt Siufanua. "This morning, she knocked on a random home, asked to use the phone so she could call her mother. We did a reverse on the line, sent police to locate and hold her until we were able to talk with her."

Police say Charice sent an email to family before leaving home on Monday morning, but it didn't tell investigators much.

"She wanted everyone to know she loved them and that was the message and other than that no indication of suicide. Through the whole process we had no indication a crime had occurred. All we knew was a runaway who needed to be found," Siufanua said.

Charice did not attend any of her classes at Dixon Middle School Monday, and her parents were first notified of her absence Monday afternoon.

"After the counselor called, I called my wife, came home, we got together, knew something was wrong. It's completely out of the ordinary."

Provo police will continue speaking with Charice and find out why she left and where she'd been, but there won't be any charges filed.