Park City’s Wasatch Beer Club has a new look

Posted at 9:13 PM, Apr 17, 2013
and last updated 2013-04-18 01:11:07-04

PARK CITY, Utah - Utah's first brew pub is showing off its new look after fire ravaged part of the business.

In early November 2012, a fire caused extensive damage to the southeast corner of the building housing the Wasatch Brew Pub, causing tens of thousands of dollars in damages.

But Wasatch Brew Club founder Greg Shirf says the fire gave him an opportunity to make some changes.

"We had to pull out everything, pulled out carpeting and saw how open the space was. At that point, it became self-evident to keep it open and bright," Shirf said.

Before the fire, the pub's entryway was narrow, but that's been opened up. There's now enough room for people to get their beer to go.

"The best part of the foyer now is a great old beer cooler. It was a package store. They can come here at the Wasatch Brew Pub," Shirf said.

Along with the new look, the GhostRider White IPA is rolling out, the new beer that Shirf expects to be a hit in the summer thanks to its citrus notes.

"I'm confident the overwhelming majority will say citrus, whether they say orange or grapefruit. I call it a citrus facial," he said.

The pub menu is also updated and Shirf says that he's looking forward to letting locals enjoy food and beer on the patio when the weather improves.

The Wasatch Beer Pub is located at the top of Main Street in Park City. For more information, visit