‘Cheese mongers’ attempt mozzarella ball world record

Posted at 7:13 PM, Apr 20, 2013
and last updated 2013-04-20 21:15:43-04

FARMINGTON, Utah — Cheese experts from a local grocery chain attempted to set a world record Saturday for the largest mozzarella ball.

The attempt came at the end of Harmons Grocery’s three day cheese celebration, which featured a beer and cheese tasting.

The company’s “cheese mongers” aimed to create a 300-pound mozzarella ball, which they said was their way of showing their passion for cheese.

Cheese monger DJ Ross, who works at the company’s Station Park store in Farmington, said they filed their initial paperwork to the Guinness Book of World Records several weeks ago.

“Now it’s on us, you know, making sure that we’ve done everything by the book. I’ve brought a scale in. It’s calibrated. I even have authenticity of calibration or verification that it weighs accurate to the half pound,” Ross said.

The company will submit another round of paperwork and photographs to Guinness for verification. Ross said there currently isn’t a record for the world’s largest mozzarella ball.

“We are attempting to establish a record. And, worst case scenario, we had a lot of fun,” Ross said.

The creation of the ball took about 40 minutes.