City Council hears comment on Sugar House Streetcar line

Posted at 5:20 PM, Apr 23, 2013

SALT LAKE CITY - It was standing room only at a Salt Lake City Council meeting where residents voice their opinions on the Sugar House Streetcar line.

The Streetcar line starts near the TRAX line on 2100 South in South Salt Lake and heads east into Sugar House. But there are two choices on where it will go from there. One option sends the line north along 1100 East until around 1700 South while the other continues east along 2100 South to 1700 East.

A two-year study found that most residents prefer the 1100 East option, but people on both sides of the debate got a chance to voice their opinion at Tuesday night's City Council meeting.

Some residents say the 1100 East line is more convenient, especially for students at Westminster College, but local business owners say heading north can be devastating to their profits.

"I'm against the street car on 11th East because I believe it will destroy most of the small businesses on 11th East," one resident said.

More than 1,500 signatures were collected in seven days of residents who say they don't want the 1100 East option.

"I enjoy the vibe the beauty and the sense of community the area has. People are welcoming. Putting tracks on this narrow street would destroy that."

Despite the study's recommendation for the 1100 East option, Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker says that the council could still change its mind.

"We've changed course as we've gotten more information and heard different things from the community, this is no different from that," Becker said.

The City Council will likely have another public hearing on the issue, especially considering the size of the crowd at Tuesday night's meeting.