U’s top-ranked video game design program shows off student work

Posted at 7:30 PM, Apr 23, 2013
and last updated 2013-04-23 21:30:25-04

SALT LAKE CITY - Students at the University of Utah showed off their art and programming skills with their annual video game fest.

The students are from the university's Entertainment Arts and Engineering program, which was recently named by the Princeton Review as the top undergraduate video game design program in the country.

Tuesday's event allowed students to showcase the video games they've been designing throughout their time at the U.

The games are all designed entirely by students, from conception to completion. And though they may seem pretty easy, it takes a lot of time and finesse to get things working correctly.

"They have to deal with tens of thousands of lines of codes, really complex math, interesting graphical systems," said Roger Altizer, director of game design & production for the university. "To be frank, the engineering required to make a modern video game is more complex than it was to putt a person on the moon."

Some of the games will be published by big name companies like Microsoft and Sony. Past games have had a lot of success and have been featured online and in magazines.