New firefighter recruits test their skills against the pros

Posted at 8:09 PM, Apr 24, 2013
and last updated 2013-04-25 01:29:54-04

OREM, Utah - Future firefighters participated in a competition at Utah Valley University to test their skills.

The RCA Fire Games pitted this semester's fire recruits against alumni of the program. The new graduates will go on to become firefighters, but first they'll test their skills against the professionals.

"It's been a hard four months but I've loved every minute of it," said student Collin Jefferies.

The challenges are designed to be fun, but they also have applications to what firefighters will do in their careers.

"You've got to be physically fit to do it. And physically and mental strong to do it," said student Logan Porter.

The competition helps bring out the competitive spirit in every firefighter, but it also encourages teamwork.

"So you find out when you are on a fire department, everyone has strengths and weaknesses. The great thing about the fire academy is it teaches you that you will have those strengths and you will have those weaknesses, but relying on each other to be a team. And knowing how to help your crew is what you need to learn," Jefferies said.

The race was close, but in the end, the new recruits took home the win.