Family relieved by arrest in 2011 death of U researcher

Posted at 8:21 PM, Apr 25, 2013

SALT LAKE CITY - A pediatrician has been arrested and charged with murder in the 2011 death of his ex-wife. Uta von Schwedler's family says they believe Dr. John Wall was involved in her death, and Thursday's arrest has them relieved.

Wall’s oldest son Pelle talked about the arrest on Thursday. He’s always suspended his dad killed his mother.

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"You add up the different pieces, the death, his behavior beforehand and afterwards as well as his general feelings or emotions towards my mother, I think it was pretty clear analysis of the situation," Pelle said.

He didn't have a heads-up on Thursday arrest but when he heard the news, he said, it's what he's waited a year and a half for.

"I think the emotions are still sinking in, I haven't grasped the gravity of the situation but I do know, it's very good, very good," said Pelle

He believes his mother fought off a violent attack before drowning in her bathtub at her Sugar House home in September 2011.

Pelle may testify against his father and told FOX 13 that a growing hatred and bitter custody fight after Wall and Uta von Schwedler divorced in 2006 motivated the crime.

The 19-year-old still has two pending civil cases against John Brickman Wall; a wrongful death lawsuit and a custody case to remove two younger siblings, ages 12 and 14, from Wall's home.

When asked whether he thinks John Wall could hurt or kill his siblings, Pelle said, "I did, and I think that was one of the major forces in our desire to get them out of the house as quickly as possible."

His brother and sister were with Wall just before Thursday morning's arrest. The siblings will now reunite with Pelle and stay with him temporarily until custody can be determined.  Pelle is hoping a relative will eventually care for the younger children.

The oldest son says his father cut off contact with the other siblings but with Wall behind bars, the family can now grieve together and move forward in what's been a lengthy, emotional and complicated investigation.