Police break up altercation between rival motorcycle gangs in Roy

Posted at 4:51 PM, Apr 27, 2013
and last updated 2013-04-27 18:51:47-04

ROY, Utah – Several viewers called Fox 13 to report that multiple police agencies swarmed an area in Roy after a conflict involving motorcycle gangs erupted.

Viewers reported that roads in the area near 5600 South and 1900 West were closed temporarily on Saturday afternoon as police responded to the incident.

Police said members of a motorcycle gang where having a funeral procession when members of a rival gang got involved.

Chief Greg Winham, Roy City Police Department, said the fights broke out in several places.

"It was dynamic," he said. "It started in one business then moved to another. And when everyone left the mortuary where the funeral services were happening, the main thrust of the disturbance and the altercations took place in the middle of the intersection and parking lot at 5600 south and 1900 west."

Police said there were as many as 100 bikers involved in 30 to 40 altercations, most of which were verbal arguments without physical violence. Winham said there weren't any injuries.

"There was a lot of interactions, there was some inadvertant traffic accidents that took place because of how the traffic was stopped and how the police responded in. There was no damage to any individuals--no injuries. We were able to disperse it very quickly."

Police officers intervened to break up the altercations. Police said they anticipated the disturbance in advance, and they had armed officers in the area ready to respond.