Take-back event offers safe disposal of medications

Posted at 7:59 PM, Apr 27, 2013

MILLCREEK, Utah -- Unified Police personnel collected thousands of expired or left-over medications during a drug take-back program held in Millcreek on Saturday.

Health experts said people will sometimes hang on to their old medications because they don’t know how to safely dispose of them or they don’t realize the potential danger.

Prescription pain pills are one of the more dangerous leftovers, as thieves sometimes break into homes to steal medications. A suspect in one such case was arrested earlier this week in Saratoga Springs.

The take back event is held twice each year, but police said people can take their medications to police stations or community take-back centers at any time.

Detective Ken Hansen, Unified Police Department, said it’s important to dispose of left-over medications.

“Many of the drugs are wanted by drug seekers, wanted by some people on the street, more importantly they are just dangerous in the wrong hands,” he said.

Kathy Soag was one of those who participated in the event.

“What I brought was old vitamins and old antibiotics, but you still don't want that potentially going down stream,” she said.

After the pills are collected the DEA takes them to be incinerated. Police said disposing of pills safely is the best way to keep medications out of the hands of those who abuse them.