UVU student’s creative graduation announcement gets mixed reactions

Posted at 8:06 PM, Apr 28, 2013

OREM, Utah -- A Utah Valley University student is getting mixed reactions after she sent out a less-than traditional graduation announcement.

The announcement opens with, “Kayla Marie North feels inclined to announce both her graduation from Utah Valley University and her catapult into unemployment.”

At the bottom of the announcement North listed her majors and accolades, but signed off with, “But none of that really matters. Send cash.”

After posting the announcement to social media sites Facebook and Reddit, she was flooded with commentary, including comments from some who took issue with her choice of academic major.

“They're saying I should have gone into like technology, engineering [or] nursing, and while that's great and all, and we definitely need those people, I prefer digital media, and if I can get paid to do what I love I'm gonna do it,” she said.

North said the announcement was meant to be a satire on what her generation experiences upon graduating from college. She said she is unemployed for now, but she does have some freelance projects lined up.