12-year-old girl’s quick action saves older brother’s life

Posted at 5:49 PM, Apr 29, 2013
and last updated 2013-04-30 01:43:44-04

WASHINGTON TERRACE, Utah - A 12-year-old Weber County girl saved her brother's life after he suffered a seizure.

When Abbey White's 17-year-old brother Hayden began having a seizure early Friday morning, she immediately dialed 911. Her quick action likely saved his life.

"I heard this bang in the kitchen and I went and I looked in there and my brother was on the ground having a seizure," Abbey said.

Hayden is diabetic and his blood sugar was extremely low, causing the seizure. Hayden was in the kitchen making breakfast that morning.

"I woke up and then I knew my blood was low, lower than usual," he said. "I went to go pour myself a bowl of cereal and I just poured it on the kitchen counter and it got everywhere and I sat down with a spoon with no bowl or anything and I swear I was eating a bowl of cereal but I was just sitting there with a spoon."

Then Hayden blacked out. He says he doesn't remember anything, but Abbey knew something was wrong and what to do.

"It scared me and I knew I couldn't panic and I just called 911," Abbey said.

911 Operator: Are you with him right now?
Abbey: Yes.
Operator: Okay we are going to help you but I need you to calm down okay?
Abbey: (crying)
Operator: How old is your brother?
Abbey:  He's 17.
Operator: Has he ever had a seizure before?
Abbey: Yes.
Operator: Okay, is he awake?
Abbey: I don't know.

The ambulance arrived within minutes of the 911 call. Hayden was taken to the hospital and is thankful his little sister knew exactly what to do.

"She's been around me having a seizure before but last time she kind of freaked out so I guess I'm glad she learned from it the first time," says Hayden.

His sister adds, "When he had a seizure and all of us were here the first thing we did was call 911."

Less than 24 hours after his seizure on Friday, Hayden, who was a little banged up with bruises and some rug rashes, was already well enough to play soccer with his sister Abbey who now share a stronger bond than before.

Their mother Kathi White is proud and relieved her daughter knew what to do.

"It's hard to see him on the floor and nothing there it's just hard and he's seizing and he's biting, it's hard to see so she did quite well, for her age," Kathi said.

Hayden has been diabetic all his life, but his blood sugar was especially low on Friday. Abbey did exactly what she was supposed to do in a situation like this, which was to call 911.