Utah’s great outdoors mapped for Google

Posted at 2:55 PM, May 13, 2013
and last updated 2013-05-13 20:41:20-04

MIDWAY, Utah - People from all over the world are just a click away from experiencing Utah's great outdoors.

Google captured images of a favorite Utah destination Monday, using its one-of-a-kind technology. Google engineers created what's called a Trekker. It's a 40 pound backpack outfitted with 15 different cameras to give people a 360 degree view of everything around it.

"It's part of our ongoing commitment to map the world and bring it online," said Google Policy Analyst Charlie Hale.

Google used the Trekker to map its first Utah hot spot, the Deer Creek State Park. Andrew Gildenhaus spent six hours mapping out the 7.5 mile trail.

Google has captured images of national landmarks from all over the world as a part of their Street View project.

"Street view is generally launched in 50 different countries, 300 different cities," said Hale.

Lieutenant Governor Greg Bell tried out the Trekker for himself.

"We can talk about it, send out brochures, but for people to have a virtual view of the beauty, grandeur, feeling of spring moving into summer, the smooth water scheme, somebody can just look at this and see this is a cool place," Bell said.

Google said Utah's trails will be viewable on their site soon.