Utah task force awaiting activation

Posted at 11:49 AM, May 21, 2013
and last updated 2013-05-21 13:49:39-04

By Alexandria Autrey

SALT LAKE CITY - In a maximum time of four hours a fleet of doctors, firefighters, engineers, canines, searchers and heavy rescuers from a Utah task force can be deployed to anywhere in the country and beyond.

The Utah task force includes firefighters from Unified, Salt Lake and Park City Fire Departments.

There are currently 28 task forces around the country available to go to work immediately when a disaster strikes.

A task force Captain from Utah was in Oklahoma when the tornadoes hit, and he got the ball rolling quickly on the local team.

“They'll send out a recon unit that will go out with canines to evaluate structures and the guys will go out with their cameras and locate where people are and as soon as they confirm they found a person the heavy rescue come in and take the building apart around the person,” said Captain Ryan Mellor of Utah Task Force 1.

The victims are then treated by doctors at the mini hospital which is also fully self-sustained by the mobile task force.

Task forces from Nebraska, Tennessee and Texas have already been deployed for relief in Moore, OK.

With Missouri's task force on deck and recently activated, the Utah task force is next on deck awaiting activation.