St. George gets its own theme song

Posted at 8:11 PM, May 22, 2013
and last updated 2013-05-22 22:11:34-04

ST. GEORGE, Utah - If you could pick a theme song for your city, what would it be?

A St. George woman took that charge into her own hands. Now her original song, "It's Another Sunny Day in St. George, Utah," is getting recognition around town.

The song came out in April and highlights many of the areas attractions from the outdoor recreation, the annual events and some of the local attractions.

"This is such a beautiful place," says composer Eva Fry. "We just need to let other people know about it."

Fry moved to St. George two years ago and says like most people she talked to, she fell in love with the sunshine.

"Everyone I asked, you come and you wonder, if people like it," says Fry. "Do you like living here? We love it."

Fry is an experienced composer, writing several other original songs. Her son Kevin Fry provided the vocals for the recording.

"My mother is really good at writing kind of catchy tunes that have a nice hook to them," says Kevin. "So when you listen to the song, it's kind of one of those ones you'll want to sing all day long."

The song has a country twang. Fry says it's in a style patterned from the pioneer history of the area. Residents say while it may not be their style, the lyrics are spot on about the local draw.

"It has a nice message," says St. George resident Leslie Leonard. "It just doesn't sound hip and upbeat as maybe we are trying to picture St. George."

"We were all just kind of taken back by it," says St. George Tourism Office Director Roxie Sherwin. "We thought it was so awesome that someone would be so passionate about where they live."

CDs of the song, complete with karaoke version, are sold at Tuacahn and other local shops. The proceeds are used for charity.

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