Flyboarders popping up on Utah’s lakes

Posted at 9:03 PM, May 24, 2013
and last updated 2013-05-25 00:50:36-04

WILLARD BAY, Utah - A new water sport is showing up on Utah's lakes this year.

It's called flyboarding, combining all the best water sports, giving riders air like never before.

"You have no barriers. You have the whole sky. So there are no limits," said Jordan Wayment.

To flyboard, stick a fire hose in the end of a jet ski, then attach your feet to the other end. Regular flyboarders usually average about 35 feet above the water.

"I love it because it makes me feel so powerful. I feel like I can do anything. You always see these superheroes and they are doing all these sweet things that's me. I can do what I want I want to fly this way and I do," said Greg Smith.

Flyboarding is a pretty new sport; a couple of years ago, no one had heard of it, but now the guys at Rocky Mountain Flyboard say they're booked almost every day.

"If you have boats out in the bay everyone wants to come up stop. 'Hey let me get a picture, hey you have to do that again. Go out there and do it.' Everyone want to see it. It's kind of blowing up," said Chase Shaw.