Five arrested after drug raid in Sunset neighborhood

Posted at 10:05 PM, May 30, 2013
and last updated 2013-05-31 00:05:42-04

SUNSET, Utah – Five people were arrested after a home raid in Sunset early Thursday morning.

The home was raided as part of a six-week narcotics investigation. Police recovered controlled substances, including heroin, methamphetamine, marijuana and Loritab prescription pain pills, estimated at $8,000 in value.

Christopher Uribe, 32, and Cody McDonald, 25, were booked for existing traffic warrants unrelated to the raid. Haley Blair, 19, Larry Lee, 50, and Tanya Allen, 42, were booked on drug charges connected to the incident. All are in the Davis County Jail.

“Obviously, we’re happy that we were able to make the arrests in this case. We feel good for the neighbors obviously, if they did feel that there was a problem there. We will continue to work these cases, and we’re glad when we’re able to make arrests in these types of cases,” said Layton Police Lt. Shawn Horton.

The drug charges were enhanced because the home is adjacent to Sunset Elementary, which is a drug-free zone.