Misdemeanor charges filed against Utah gun rights advocate

Posted at 4:47 PM, May 31, 2013

COTTONWOOD HEIGHTS, Utah - There are more legal woes for well-known gun lobbyist Clark Aposhian, who was arrested Memorial Day after an argument with his ex-wife at her Cottonwood Heights home.

Aposhian, the chairman of the Utah Shooting Sports Council, has been ordered to stay away from his ex, as well as her new husband. Friday, a judge approved a temporary protective order and a temporary civil stalking injunction filed by the couple against Aposhian, but his attorney said they don't have a case.

"He's not violent, he's not threatening, he's a wonderful man," said Mitch Vilos, who is representing Aposhian. "He's honest and he deserves better than this, and it's too bad this woman is going after him unfairly like this. It truly does amount to extortion."

According to Vilos, the moves are a calculated attempt to go after Aposhian's livelihood, which largely depends on his ability to possess firearms.

"It will ruin his business. They know that. They know that if he were convicted she knows if she gets a protective order that sticks, and we're going to fight that with witnesses, that she would be able to put him out of business," Vilos said.

But following Aposhian's arrest this week, he allegedly told Ronald Meyer, his ex-wife's new husband, that he would "bury him."

The stalking injunction orders Aposhian to not threaten, annoy, harass or cause distress to Meyer. According to the document, he also cannot possess a firearm, a point his attorney was not clear on.

"That is not something I'm aware of under federal law. I don't think that's true," said Vilos.

There seems to be confusion amongst law enforcement and Vilos as to whether or not he has to forfeit his guns with these new orders in place. According to Vilos, Aposhian has yet to be served the temporary protective order, so technically it's not in effect. Vilos said he believes the matter will be decided in hearing scheduled for June.