Utah gun rights advocate ordered to surrender weapons

Posted at 8:31 AM, Jun 04, 2013
and last updated 2013-06-04 13:56:57-04

HOLLADAY -- A well-known gun rights advocate was served with a protective order and ordered to surrender his weapons Tuesday.

"Our obligation here is, you know, it's not a personal indictment of Clark. It's just an effort for us to try to protect the children and the family in this matter," said Cottonwood Heights Police Chief Robby Russo. "When emotions are so high in these cases, and you have a child and divorce and new marriages, bad things have the potential to happen. We've seen it. So, that's why we take such a firm stand on these cases."

Aposhian faces several charges after he allegedly threatened his ex-wife and her husband in an incident outside her Cottonwood Heights home on Memorial Day.

Aposhian allegedly drove a 2.5-ton Army surplus truck down the woman's street, onto her lawn and nearly struck her vehicle.

"In this particular case, it's alleged Mr. Aposhian threatened to bury his ex-wife and her new husband or boyfriend, so that's a threat,” said Sgt. Mark Askerlund, Cottonwood Heights Police Department. “And while we’re there investigating the trespassing and the threats, he comes back, and to make a long story short: Mr. Aposhian was arrested for domestic violence and trespassing."

Officers said Aposhian was uncooperative during the arrest. Following Aposhian’s arrest, he allegedly told Ronald Meyer, his ex-wife’s new husband, that he would “bury him.”

On Friday, a judge approved a temporary protective order and a temporary civil stalking injunction which orders Aposhian not to threaten, annoy, harass or cause distress to Meyer.

Mitch Vilos, Aposhian's attorney, said a protective order would ruin Aposhian's livelihood.

"It will ruin his business. They know that. They know that if he were convicted - she knows if she gets a protective order that sticks, and we're going to fight that with witnesses, that she would be able to put him out of business," Vilos said.

In a court appearance Tuesday morning, Aposhian pleaded not guilty to four counts of domestic violence and four traffic-related offenses.

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