Layton pastor returns from charity trip to victims of Moore tornado

Posted at 6:20 PM, Jun 07, 2013
and last updated 2013-06-08 00:28:19-04

LAYTON, Utah - A Layton pastor returned to Utah after a visit with the survivors of a deadly tornado in Moore, Oklahoma.

An mile-wide EF-5 tornado struck the Oklahoma City suburb on May 22, killing 24 people and tearing a 17-mile path through the community.

Pastor Myke Crowder with the Christian Life Center in Layton and his son returned Friday morning. They visited the tornado-ravaged town to hand out $8,000 raised by Utahns for low-income families in need of assistance.

Crowder gave $500 each to 16 low-income homeowners who say they're not getting assistance from the government or charities fast enough.

"I had the privilege of representing the people of Utah to make these peoples' lives, for a moment at least, they felt the grace of God, the kindness of people," Crowder said.

Pastor Myke Crowder/Christian Life Center "and she said there went the roof, the walls went, she just said 'God if you're gonna take anybody, please take me, not my kids."

One of those victims, Krystle Wadkins, lost her home and nearly lost her family.

"And she said, 'There went the roof, the walls went.' She just said, 'God if you're gonna take anybody, please take me, not my kids,'" Crowder said.

Another victim, Lynn Sanderson, lost his home. He says he's grateful for the money that he can use immediately.

"He went on and said, 'You're the first person that's done anything, we've registered but no one's done anything and it's two weeks later and we're just so frustrated,'" Crowder said.

Crowder says he met a man who lost his daughter.

"They have no home to go to grieve, their daughter is dead. They have no home, no neighbors to come and put their arms around them," Crowder said.

The Christian Life Center is still accepting donations. They say the money will go straight to pastors in Oklahoma who can get the money to victims immediately.

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