BSA denies Utah Pride’s application to sponsor scout troop

Posted at 9:34 PM, Jun 12, 2013

SALT LAKE CITY – After applying twice to be a sponsor for a new Boy Scouts of America troop, Utah Pride was rejected.

Utah Pride officials said they applied to sponsor a troop because they believe they can provide a safe and affirming environment for LGBT youth or others who feel like they can’t be themselves in existing scout groups.

The organization applied earlier in the year and was denied verbally, but it wasn’t a formal rejection. They applied again, and they received a formal rejection this week.

Valerie Larabee, Utah Pride executive director, said the rejection was disheartening.

“We’re not surprised, but yes, we are still disappointed because we feel like as a community center and a support organization for young people that we would make an excellent sponsor for a scouting troop,” she said.

Larabee said in this day and age there isn’t any reason Utah Pride should be excluded from sponsoring a troop.