Saratoga Springs wildfire burns 25 acres

Posted at 9:50 PM, Jun 13, 2013

SARATOGA SPRINGS, Utah - A wildfire burning on Lake Mountain in Saratoga Springs was contained Thursday night.

The fire burned 25 acres on Lake Mountain just above the Fox Hollow subdivision of Saratoga Springs. Fire crews worked to contain the fire before it hit any homes.

"Homes that are basically in your back yard, you have Mother Nature in her raw from and that's always a concern," said Saratoga Springs Fire Chief Jess Campbell.

Paul Weddle was evacuated during last year's Dump Fire, and he's prepared for a repeat this year.

"We packed up the cars and waited, but with the winds blowing south we didn't feel like we were in danger and nobody came around to throw us out. So we were good," Weddle said.

Firefighters say the conditions are dry, but not as dry as last year. The sage brush only partially burned, which the say is a good sign.

"That means landscaped yards, and trees and vegetation that will be difficult to ignite from fire that is in that area," Campbell said.

Still, Saratoga Springs plans to adapt an ordinance that would require homeowners to maintain 30 feet of defensible space.

Firefighters believe the blaze was human-caused, but it's still under investigation.