Hikers, bikers replace skiers in Utah’s canyons

Posted at 10:32 PM, Jun 15, 2013

PARK CITY, Utah – Utah’s canyons are home to the greatest snow on earth, but when that snow melts outdoor lovers still flock to the mountains for summer fun.

The Canyons Resort opened this week for a summer of dining, shopping, golfing and hiking.

Coleen Earnshaw was one hiker who took to the hills this week.

"We're up here looking for wildflowers and just really enjoying it,” she said. “I've spent a lot of years hiking on these mountains. We knew the gondola was gonna be open today for the first day, so we hiked for six and a half miles to get to the gondola to have a free ride down.”

Jenna Prescott is the vice president of mountain services at Canyons Resort, and she said they have plenty of space for hikers to enjoy.

"We've got the bike park available for hiking, if you wanna come have lunch at mid-mountain, we had folks sort of looking at wildflowers, so lots of fun to be had for all folks,” she said.

Other activities include disc golf, a farmers market, a zip line and plenty of trails for mountain biking. Cooper Wiggins said he was excited to bike in the area.

"This is my first time up here, and I'm really excited,” he said. “I've seen a couple videos online; big jumps and flow trails are what I'm looking for.”

For more information about summer activities at the Canyons Resort, visit their website.