Dangerous fire season expected in hot, dry conditions

Posted at 5:48 PM, Jun 20, 2013

SALT LAKE CITY - As fireworks stands set up for the season, firefighters and Governor Herbert are warning residents to be careful in the expected dangerous fire season.

Utah's drought could make for a repeat of the harsh conditions we saw last year that resulted in hundreds of thousands of acres burned across the state.

"It's dry, it's hotter than normal, humidity levels are low and we've had a lot of wind. That's a recipe for extreme fire behavior and occurrence so we caution everyone to be aware of that and use good judgment," said Unified Fire Marshall Steven Higgs.

Fireworks are banned on state and federal land, and Salt Lake County has restricted fireworks to certain areas. They also warn residents that while aerial fireworks are legal, don't shoot them within 300 feet of the restricted zones because of high winds.

This year, Utahns can use legal fireworks three days before and after a holiday. Last year, there was a 30-day window, but after complaints from residents, the Utah Legislature reverted back to the old window. Fireworks go on sale on Saturday.

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