New lab in Provo delivers improved heart care

Posted at 10:09 PM, Jun 22, 2013

PROVO, Utah – A new electrophysiology lab in Provo is the third of its kind in the nation, and it is helping patients with heart arrhythmia get better treatments with less radiation.

There are only two labs like it in the U.S., one in Kansas and the other in Massachusetts.

Steve Smoot, regional vice president for the Urban South Region of Intermountain Healthcare, said the new laboratory allows doctors to treat patients more safely.

"It should make their recovery quicker, and it makes their exposure to radiation much less, which should increase the safety for them down the road and the safety of our staff while they take care of these patients because they are in that room all day long,” he said.

Dr. Chun Hwang specializes in treating patients with heart-arrhythmia problems, and he said the high-tech equipment uses 3D imaging to help diagnose patients.

"We intend to deliver cutting edge technology, best care available in the world for our patient population,” he said.

Smoot said the new technology will help doctor Hwang and others change patients’ lives for the better.

"When you're a patient and having heart rhythm troubles, it's a life changer,” he said. “You're tired, you're in pain, you just can't even go on to live your life, and with this technology Dr. Hwang is able to literally turn people's lives around."