Transgender first-grader wins civil rights case

Posted at 9:45 AM, Jun 24, 2013

DENVER — The Colorado Civil Rights Division ruled in favor of a transgender first-grader who was blockedfrom using the girls’ bathroom at her elementary school, the The Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund announced Sunday.

Coy Mathis, 6, was the victim of discrimination when Eagleside Elementary School in Fountain refused to let her use the girl’s restroom, the ruling finds.

In issuing its decision, the state’s rights division said keeping the ban in place “creates an environment that is objectively and subjectively hostile, intimidating or offensive.”

“Schools should not discriminate against their students, and we are thrilled that Coy can return to school and put this behind her,” Kathryn Mathis, Coy’s mother, said in a statement. “All we ever wanted was for Coy’s school to treat her the same as other little girls. We are extremely happy that she now will be treated equally.”

The Mathis family has since moved to Denver in order to attend to the medical needs of one of their other children, so Coy Mathis will now be attending a Denver school.

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