City officials limit fireworks as fire danger looms

Posted at 11:38 PM, Jun 25, 2013

PARK CITY, Utah – Fresh Market in Park City will only sell approved fireworks, like sparklers and snaps, this summer at the request of city officials.

Store Director Doug Dastrup said the request came from the Park City Mayor and City Council out of concerns about fire danger. They will only be selling things that are easy to control and don’t pose serious fire risks.

Dastrup said they didn’t sell fireworks last year for the same reason, and he said they got positive feedback for people who appreciated the caution.

“We want to protect our environment, our mountains, our animals, our wildlife,” he said. “We want to protect that. It’s so beautiful and wonderful. What we have is unique.”

Other cities have implemented fireworks restrictions recently as well. West Valley City has banned setting off fireworks in any area west of State Route 111 and on any property owned by the city.

Layton has banned setting off fireworks east of Highway 89. City official said they are enacting a zero tolerance policy regarding fireworks within city limits.

The Utah State Fire Marshal’s Office has in-depth information about fireworks restrictions in the various communities in Utah. Click here for more information.